Sunday Nov 29

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Diverse Training Center

Diverse Training Center is a facility that covers all aspects of fitness;  Group/Bootcamp classes, Sport Specific (team and personal), Personal Training, and Martial Arts.  By having all these options under one roof makes "Diverse Training Center" Kamloops #1 training facility for anyone, any age/level, any sport.........We have something for the whole family.

Diverse Training Center

Diverse Training Center

DXT Classes

Small group personal trianing is the fastest growing fitness trend on the planet, you get the same quality training as you would get with a personal trainer but in a small group and for a fraction of the cost. 

We have disigned a facility and style of training that is revolutionizing the fitness industry.
Our  DXT classes combine speed, power, agility, muscular endurance and high intensity interval training that will make anyone beginner or
advanced reach their fitness goals. We guarantee you amazing results in just a few hours a week!! Our classes are taught by an experienced, qualified instructor in a safe and professional  atmosphere.

Step out of the ordinary gym, try something new,

and get the results you've always wanted.

Recommended for beginners: Our classes are designed to help ANYONE reach their fitness goals!!. So If you are at a beginner fitness level you need to allow your body to adapt and recover, so we recommend to start off with just 1-2x a week. Once you find that your body is recovering faster then you definitely want to step it up to 2-3x a week.

Advanced: If you concider yourself quite fit or even wicked fit!! then we recommend 3-5x a week. This is an awesome addition to any sport or recreational activities Membership


Unlimitted classes

1 YEAR $115/month
3 MONTHS $130/month

*No initiation fees*

Punch Card

6 SESSION $105.00
12 SESSIONS  $180.00
24 SESSIONS $300.00